About Christina Bellsmith

Freedom Living International

Christina Bellsmith is a long standing and respected spiritual leader. She is an author, inspirational speaker and life coach. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Divinity Degree. She is an ordained minister, life counsellor and teacher . She embraces the light found in many spiritual traditions and it is strong in her belief that spirituality is like an ocean that knows no bounds, but is expressed in an endless variety of ways. Love is the identifying characteristic of this vast ocean.

Christina is also a student of science. She has studied extensively in the field of quantum energy and believes there is a strong link between those mysterious energies and spirituality. She believes that there is a firm scientific foundation for the practice of spirituality, some of which she has outlined in this book.

Christina has spent a lifetime studying and teaching the principles that will lead to a successful life. She has delved deeply into the meaning and purpose of the human journey here on earth. She has spent her life mentoring and counselling to help individuals become the best version of themselves.

Christina makes her home in Canada, where she enjoys her three children and seven grandchildren. Her hobbies include art, music and riding her motorcycle.


Imagine being truly free! What would that look like?

It would mean being free from crippling fear. Fear that somehow, we are not good enough. Fear of what others think. Fear of trying new things because you might fail. What about freedom from guilt? The guilt of past mistakes. The guilt of not living up to other people’s expectations. This kind of guilt weighs us down and eats at us like a cancer. Freedom would also mean freedom from the crippling emotions and thoughts that can drag you and I down like an anchor.

Imagine being free to love, to create and to follow your dreams. Imagine financial freedom and a healthy body that takes the limits off what we can do.

This kind of freedom is what Freedom Living is all about. It was established as a not for profit ministry to bring the message of freedom to people from every walk of life. Its founder, Christina Bellsmith, B. Th., M. Div. has spent a lifetime gathering the wise principles that will set people free. She is an established author, inspirational speaker and life coach.

Her message is this, “Don’t wait another minute. Start your journey toward freedom today!”