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Christina Bellsmith is a long-standing and respected spiritual leader. She is an author, inspirational speaker, and life coach. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Divinity Degree. She is an ordained minister, a pastor, teacher and practitioner of the spirituality of Jesus and other spiritual leaders.

She has spent her life mentoring and counselling to help individuals become the best version of themselves in the following: Finding Your Purpose | Living Above The Crowd | Living With Joy | Finding Meaning In Life | Success in life | The Power of Thoughts | The Power of a Dream | Quantum Creativity | Be Your Own Champion | Positive Visualization | Your Secret Self | Freedom Living

Presently, available for online sessions and in-person across Toronto, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta.

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About Freedom Living International


Imagine being truly free! What would that look like?
It would mean being free from crippling fear. Fear that somehow, we are not good enough.  Fear of what others think. Fear of trying new things because... you might fail.  What about freedom from guilt? The guilt of past mistakes.  The guilt of not living up to other people’s expectations. This kind of  guilt weighs us down and eats at us like a cancer. Freedom would also mean freedom from the crippling emotions and thoughts that can drag you and I down like an anchor.


Your Secret Self

How to Unfetter the Person You Were Meant to be


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